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15 Tips - How to Look Good on a Passport Photo

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Passport photos are strictly regulated, but there’s still surprisingly lot you can do to change how you look on the official portrait. And who can honestly say that they don’t care if they’re going to be stuck with a horrible looking photograph for all the years a passport is valid. We’ve interviewed several professional photographers and done extensive research to find out how you can look your best on your photo.

  1. Push your head slightly forwards
  2. Sit with a good posture
  3. Smile slightly
  4. Don’t concentrate on keeping your eyes open
  5. Look to the distance
  6. Take the photo a little after you’re daily fitness session
  7. Use a mirror and check yourself
  8. Use makeup
  9. Check you’re hair
  10. Avoid direct flash
  11. Practice
  12. Take many photos to choose from
  13. Wear a clean shirt with a nice collar
  14. Don’t wear a white shirt
  15. Don’t wear glasses or a hat