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Create Passport Photos Online

Passport Photo Lab lets you create correctly sized and cropped photos for passports, ID cards, and visas. Use the online app to edit your portrait. Create photos for print or online use.

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No registration required. Mobile friendly.

Stylized example usage of Passport Photo Lab showing a dark haired woman, a toolbar, and a cursor drawing a cropping rectangle.

For individuals and photo studios

Passport Photo Lab is perfect for individuals without photo editing experience looking to edit a self-taken picture. No login required! Also, Professionals in their daily work love Passport Photo Lab.

Choose a preset or customize

Passport Photo Lab has preset for most passport and visa sizes—including the United States and EU. You can also quickly enter your requirements. The editor helps you crop the photo correctly.

Print or file - always correct size

Have you ever wondered how to print a photo at home at precisely the correct size? Passport Photo Lab creates a file with the right pixel size and DPI for it to be printed correctly on all printers.


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