About us

The story of Passport Photo Lab started in 2016. Back then, I created a passport photo cropper tool as an extra for a Finnish passport photo price comparison site epassikuva.fi, that I had also created. I knew similar tools already existed, but non was localized to Finnish. Anyhow, I also wanted to start a hobby project to try out machine learning libraries. Machine learning was used to automatically detect a face from an uploaded picture. The cropper rectangle would be set to a correct position automatically. It turns out it is easier to let the user crop the photo manually. Most of the users want to fine-tune the crop-area even if the AI result was acceptable.

After some time and writing an accompanying DIY passport photo guide, I noticed that the cropper tool grew to be quite popular in Finland.

In 2020, I decided to move the cropper tool and guides to their own domain, passportphotolab.com, and make it a separate product with translations.